Renowned singer, Kang JJ who rose to fame with his famous hit “Free at Last,” almost entertained empty seats at his concert dubbed ‘Inner Peace Concert’ held at Emerald Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.

The event which was scheduled to start off at 4 pm kicked off late in the night just a few minutes to midnight due to the low turn up. A few relatives attended on VIP tickets as a fair number of young dudes and babes dressed up in tight jeans hanged outside the gates hoping to buy the tickets at cheaper prices.

The concert started off with performances from various artists, identified figures were 99 Problems, Senior Muoch and Single Dee who welcomed the guest artiste Kang JJ.

Before his stage performance, the Sky-lands opened and the rains dropped. This paved way for a free entrance and exist without gates’ blocks or what you people call gatekeepers stopping anyone. The little crowd cheered him joyfully though.

According to sources who were at the event, the low turnout was due to poor advertisement strategy from the organizers.

Via The Snoop Mag’