Singer Kang JJ known for his popular independence song ‘FREE AT LAST’ has joined rebels and he is reportedly involved in active battles against the SPLA.

The musician in pictures doing rounds on Facebook is seen military fatigue somewhere in the bush.

The singer comes from Nuer tribe which dominates the rebellion.

We are told the musician was angered by the fact that he was forced to take refuge at UN camp for days in Juba in December 2013 when fighting broke out. The musician later sneaked out of the camp and went to Ethiopia where he was recruited to become rebel soldier.

Several other musicians of Nuer origin have joined the rebellion aimed at overthrowing president Salva Kiir’s government. K- Denk, Emmanuel Jal, Nyapal Lul and Gordon Koang are among the musicans who have so far declared their allegiance to Riek Machar’s led rebellion.