Bootylicious singer Jamila Adaw who is the director and founder of Miss Juba beauty pageant has been accused by models who participated in Miss Juba Contest this year of being the biggest liar of ALL TIMES!

A source told us that Jamila had promised the models that the winner was going to receive a car and other prizes, which turned out to be a lie.

“I think Jamila only used the models to get money, because she promised to give the winner a car, laptop and some cash but it was all lies.” A frustrated source told HIJ.

“She even gave the models fake certificates with no stamp or seal for Miss Juba. And she is not giving winners her time to work on their projects.” The source added.

Miss Juba, one of numerous South Sudanese beauty contests was inaugurated this year. Its first winner was Susan Nyajani.

Miss Juba contestants

Miss Juba contestants