Singer Grace Nyibol gets slapped by Nyaringo

Grace, Mariak and Nyaringo

Nyaringo, the girlfriend of radio presenter MC Jam terribly slapped singer Nyibol Grace over her ex boyfriend Mariak Michael, a senior journalist working with the government sponsored newspaper The Juba Telegraph. The incident happened last week at Dembesh Hotel when the two girls met at swimming pool.

We are told Nyaringro who has been hunting for Grace for taking her ex-lover away, approached Grace on Sunday last week at the pool side to warn her not to step on her toes again but Grace ignored her, saying she “does not have time for old mama”.

Something that prompted Nyaringo to slapp grace right in the face. Nyaringo was accompanied by her man MC Jam who watched the commotion at pool.

Mariak, the man in question is a political news reporter and a co-founder of the online news outlet, Talk of Juba Media Ltd. He reportedly dumped Nyaringo for Grace in 2014 over ‘drinking’. He is said to have changed his mind about Grace few months after last year when he discovered Grace was cheating on him with artists.

Nyaringo and her radio presenter boyfriend were involved in another fight last week with another Telegraph’s reporter Parach.

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