The custody battle between South Sudanese musician Dinganyai and his ex-wife, Aman Bol Manuer has finally ended after a court in Juba ruled in favor of Aman.

The 10 States law court in New Site gave full custody of kids to Aman’s father Khamis Abiel Chan

A court verdict seen by Hot in Juba stated that Aman father will take custody of Aman and her kids fathered by Dinganyai and another dude named Deng Magok Mapoth.

The verdict further states that both men who got married to Aman at a different time can contact Khamis incase any of them needs child custody.

” Each man accordingly Deng Magok and Dinganyai who both claim marriage title in a different time to the woman should approach Khamis Abiel Chan in the issue of the children of the children redemption through mutual understanding between Khamis Abiel Chan, Deng Magok and Daniel Dinganyai Dhal,” the verdict reads in part.

Dinganyai trouble with his ex-wife started last year after he allegedly arrested his baby mama and this angered many women online. A group of women created a Gofundme page to help Aman with legal fee and other needs.