Oromo Alfred Odiha, commonly known by his music career name Check B Magic, CEO and founder of Abled Disabled (ABD) South Sudan formed the organization with the aim of giving people with disabilities an opportunity to showcase their gifted abilities, talents and potentials to the entire world.

Born in 1993, he says he was born without some of his fingers but was too shy to make it known to people and thus, he always concealed his disability by covering the hand with a handkerchief.

However, he recently came out publicly to beat his stigma and made known his condition. Later on he formed Abled Disabled, a non-profit organization which he uses to empower youth who have talent in art. He also says the aim of the organization is to advocate for the rights; equality, inclusion and non-discrimination of people living with disabilities of people the society.

The organization’s Facebook page name is Abled Disabled – ABD South Sudan and can be emailed as well via ableddisabledssd@gmail.com.

Through the organization, he reaches out to every naturally gifted and talented disabled young kids, youths and adults in South Sudan to be part of the society socially, economically, politically and religiously. The organization’s programs include education, sports, arts, entertainment, disabled girl child programs and peace among others.

They hope to hold the programs on both radio and television in the future as they are just starting. Combining his music career with helping the disabled youth, he says his dream is to see people with disabilities live up to their dream. “I am a humanitarian. I love people and I believe one day I will be a human rights activist and a music ambassador for people with disabilities. My ability is stronger than my disability”, he says.