If you have been paying keen attention to Mabior Garang’s pictures on social media, you might have noticed an unusual hand sign that the young controversial minister poise within all his ‘Kodak’ moments. It doesn’t matter when who or why Mabior is taking a snap, six of his fingers often clutch to each other while 4 makes a triangular shape sign.

This sign involves fingers; pinky, ring and index supporting each other, and the tips of index and thumb fingers touching each other. So what the hell does this mean? What significance does it have over the young minister? So far, many of his followers have attributed this sign to Mabior being a member of the infamous ‘illuminati” cult. Well, the pretty surest answer is found in the doctrine of the Rastafari. As the society will have it, they say Rastafari or ‘Rastafarai’ is not a religion…it is… (Wait for it)… spirituality and a way of living! In this doctrine, there are various symbols with different meanings. What Mabior Garang does is choosing between 4 of the symbols that bind the culture to the Most High and their god/Jesus incarnated grandmaster, Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie.

Every symbol has a lot to do with “Selassie.” These symbols are part of a whole system of symbolic belief, attitude, and use of words or arts. Amongst the most significantly used symbols is the Lion of Judah. You can easily spot the Lion of Judah carrying a flag on one paw while on the other 3 feet.

This symbol represents the ‘House of Haile Selassie’, and the bloodline of the emperors of Ethiopia that is said to be traceable to the Queen of Sheba and the biblical King Solomon, call “Salamon.” The second most significant symbol is the one used by Honorable Mabior Garang D’Mabior; the “Triangle” sign. According to Rastafari, this triangular shape means ‘the divine on earth’ (triangle pointing down), or as Rastas say it: “JAH (God) in the Flesh.” This belief is the imitation by Rastas of a hand gesture often performed by Haile Selassie in most of his pictures. It is known as the “Seal of King Solomon.” But the main reason this symbol is conceived and practiced a lot by the Rastafarians, is because it was mostly portrayed by Emperor Haile Selassie. They presumed it represents the divinity of the Self, or of Haile Selassie. This symbol refers to the belief that “Selassie I and I” is the returned Christ, another Son of God and that every Rasta is a part of this divine realization.

It is also linked with black supremacy, self-reliance or/are inspired by historical facts or biblical interpretation, which is probably where Mabior derive his believes and practice.

Another explanation of Mabior Garang’s new trend is explained well in the translation of Kebra Nagast by Miguel Brooks which remarks that such a sign represents ‘the mystical or metaphysical “Salutation of Peace” or the Sign of the Holy Trinity. The triangle pointing downwards is an esoteric symbol representing the material phase of the Seal of Solomon; the six-pointed star is also known as the Star of David.’ Now you are you are in the know…


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