A group of South Sudanese including a renowned Miraya FM presenter Sebit William and singer Silver X were interrogated by Kenyan Police for 30 minutes on Tuesday in Kenya’s capital Nairobi for allegedly ‘staying in the shopping mall for more than 3 hrs’ according to John Chirbek who was among those questioned by police.

The group was however freed after the police found they were just innocent shoppers at a popular Nairobi mall, T-Mall.

“The police told us that the management call them to report our suspicious activity”, John said.

“We are thinking of paying a visit to the management of T-Mall, if the management confirms that they informed the police about us being suspicious then we shall sue them for ethnic profiling and harassment”, He added.

Singer Silver X has been in Kenya for weeks now where he launched his new video for hit song ‘East African Lover”. He has also conducted several radio and TV interviews.

Kenyan police are known for use harassment to extort money from foreign nationals.