Ustaz Ta Dunia, Silver X famously known for “Wele” hit song has recently been over heard on Facebook crying of threats against his life by unknown gunmen sent to assassinate him in Kampala but that didn’t change his lifestyles, He only ditched alcohol in public spots but his sex life still remained the same.

His neighbors who witnessed the drama spoke to us and all said the star returned late to his house with a light skinned woman who was heard on phone that night speaking French and Lingala before the heartbreaking morning. As confirmed by his close friend who asked to remain anonymous, Silver claimed to have been duped by the sex worker before she carried out her most successful mission of stealing.

The sex worker took with her Silvers TV set, Sofa, a bag having clothes and the star’s expensive pair of shoes as he claimed. The whereabouts of the woman still remain unknown as Silver also launched his own unknown hunt team to hunt down her hiding cave