This morning social media was awashed with pictures of famed singer Silver X being carried out of the club by bouncers.

According to social media user who shared the pics, the “wele” singer was kicked out of the club for allegedly failing to pay for drinks he had ordered. Reason being he’s too broke to afford paying for drinks at one of Nairobi’s most expensive clubs.

The social media user went on to allege that the singer was then locked and not even his fellow singer Cool B and music producer Kamba who were in his entourage couldn’t help bail him out.

HIJ has however established that the post was a hoax and a publicity stunt initiated by Silver X’s management team. Well, at least that was a well played stunt since it has now gone viral with Silver X’s fans on social media sharing their various comments. Some fans went in on the singer blaming him for going out on a drinking spree without enough money. While others took on the user who posted pictures blaming him for sharing “embarrasing” pics in a public platform. Some said the images were meant to tarnish Silver’s name.

Silver fb_img_1483182915531X has been living in exile in Uganda since June after he alleged that government security forces were after him and he could be assassinated.

He has been doing shows in Uganda and recently travelled to Kenya for performance in Nairobi on 30th December and another show in Kakuma Refugee Camp on January 1, 2017.