If there is something we witnessed in 2019 is the number of award-giving events increased than in the previous years. There were many accolades to grab.

And Okuta Ceaser moniker Silver X had the best part of the events.

He took to social media to paraded the awards he won in 2019. According to Silver, he bagged 8 awards in 2019, making it the highest accolades won by a single musician in 2019.

” The year 2019 was a tough one for the tough people, and we Emerged the Best at what we do (Music) no matter what circumstances under the sun or the rain with food or without we kept on working to see that our efforts were seen, felt and appreciated at all levels. Thankfully we scooped all the biggest Awards from different Music Awarding companies,” He posted on social media.

in 2019, Silver won;
1- 10 Songs Challenge Awards. #Best Artist
2- STA Nairobi. Best Male Artist
3- SSUSA Juba. Best Artist Of The Year
4- SSMA juba. Over All Artist Of The Year
5- SSEA Kampala. Best Artist Of The Year
6- SSFA juba. #Best Stylist Male Artist Of The Year
7- STA Nairobi. Best Recording Studio Int Rec
He was also awarded at an event organized by South Sudan Students Association in India during a joint graduation ceremony held in Hyderabad, India.

Silver X who recently wedded his long-time lover says that 2020 is the year he will continue to record songs that relate to his fans.