Ogenge popularly known to fans as Silver X recently traveled to Uganda on a mission most people believed to be his new video shooting but surprisingly things turned and doubled over in Kampala.

The dance hall singer, this time, ossified his fearful heart by offering his “Johnny” some cutting.for blading it’s foreskin from its mainland and the rumors circulating is that this apparently happened due to the insults he gets from the females he banged who whispered to him “we not banging again if u don’t remove that wasaka (dirt)”.

With the insults and bullying, Silver finally joined the campaign of Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) practically taking place in East Africa and the rest of the world to help circumcise men who aren’t circumcised.

The circumcision believed to heal after three weeks, which is quite time saving and gives chances to the victims to put on jeans and which on the traditional circumcision would put the star in jalabia and lengthy time to relaunch on the wife and the other people’s wives tool.

However, Silver is persevering with the little pain with the bandages and manages to show up at top spots in town while sitting and avoiding getting his “hard-on”.