South Sudanese most prolific singer Silver X has vehemently denied having a fling with his former band mate baby mama after rumours circulated that he is having a secret love affair.

The singer released a statement via social media dispelling the rumours of him secretly seeing Cool B’s ex. He said he respects Cool B as his small brother and would never betray him like that. Silver said his haters were only trying to tarnish his image.

Below is what he posted on social media regarding the issue:

I can’t hold on to this TOTAL BIG LIE posted in hot in juba. To the public from me the whole story is a total LIE. I am a self-made and can’t do such for a friend and a long time little brother like Cool b and besides I dnt even know the mama baby they are talking about.
Who ever wrote this article, if ur INTENTIONS are to tarnish my reputation please the world knows Silver X is not known for such I have built my name in a clean platform.
#IAM VERY #INNOCENT #freemyName.