Holyland Entertainment boss Silver Xtra has declared musical war on Mr. Leng following an altercation between the two in the studio last week.

According to sources privy to the incident Mr. Lengs allegedly attacked Silver while recording a song in one of popular recording studios in Juba.

We are told Mr. Lengs who just returned from recording a track titled “Life in Juba” heard rumours that Silver X was also going to record a song using the same idea. Lengs then went to studio to stop Silver from recording the song. Things went little physical after their verbal confrontation went almost violent before they were calmed down by those who were in the studio.

After the incident Silver took to his FB to announce what can only be seen as a musical war.

Silver who has been accused of stealing Lengs’ songs on numerous occasions denied having stolen any Leng’s songs.

He went ahead to say that he’s going to compete with Lengs musically and nothing would stop him from being on the top.

Here is what he posted on social media:

I could not believe that he attacked me in the studio and spoiled my recording session but nothing changed my feelings and ideas. Am‬ not afraid, the battle must‬ go on. Wait for details from me‬.
We are very strong as a family and as an empire and I stand on my two feet as supper Silver Xtra. No hate no beef no fights. But talent must prevail everywhere anywhere and anyhow. We Are Holy Land Music Empire. Alive or Dead. For the music industry of South Sudan.

I love healthy competition from my childhood, from school and now in music which I am in for as a career and this music industry needs constructive competition for it to grow and Shine.

Now we all know that this year I have released a music album of 12 songs and the album title is‪ Bamba ta Deng‬ and my album of 2016 is totally ready with me in music stores. That clearly means am NOT‬ running short of what to sing as an artist.

And for those small particles who think am trying to copy someone’s song then u are totally wrong because it was stated clearly that its a battle of who can demolish the idea well.

He also posted this:

This is what i heard from one of the presenters in this city from one of the leading radio stations:
(It seems the battle is still on, and its getting interesting. It started with ‪kalam‬ dollar by ‪Mr‬. Lengs then‪ dunia karabu‬ by Silver‬ Xtra we thought it ended there. But now its on with Mr Lengs coming up with Juba karabu,‬ lets see how this will end)
Now if u were Silver X what would u think or do? Hit back or chill back? For the fans who didn’t know now u know its not what u wrongly initially thought. Finally I don’t have any personal problem with Mr. Lengs but i optimistically accept the music competition to go on peacefully.