Silver X’s just got back to the country and he is already making waves.

He wants to reclaim his lost throne after staying in Uganda since 2013. Silver X who is known for hit songs like Fetish Shokol, Wele among others is challenging musicians to record 10 songs in 10 days.

According to source close Silver X, the challenge is meant to weed out the musicians who make 1 hit song and never produced any song afterward.

“Silver X’s wants to prove that he is still the champ’ in the game and not these one-hit musician making noise in the industry,” the source said.

Some musicians have already taken up the challenge alleging that the challenge is good for the industry as it will keep the musicians active.

MC Lumoex, Irene Toss are among the latest musicians to join the challenge while some musicians like John Frog know for his hit song Guondo Sakit trash the challenge saying that it is absurd.

“Silver X, Mc Lumoex, Irene Toss, Djcent, Mantani, De 10 Songs challenge ta shunu de asa Thioo😂😂 #Ashan Tani Mara,” Frog questioned.