Ustaz Ta Dunia moniker Silver X is at it again. This time he is throwing shades at some of musician in the industry.

Silver X who recently challenged musician to produce 10 songs in 10 days, took to social name-calling Mc Lomoex, Irene Toss among others.

In his social media post, Silver X called Mc Lumoex, Irene Toss and John Frog ‘untalented musicians.’

“Mclumoex Aku you better be Really really Very very scared and afraid Your level Art and Music Talent is Below the 50% of a true Artist,” he posted.

He added, “for #Irine_Toss Promota Willy Dnt be excited coz the money comes from your boss No no no no the truth be said this kind of Challenge is not for u. u are still a baby but one of the most talented I have ever seen in this generation with big courage and a bright future in this Music Bizz.”

Mc Lomoex responded by saying that Silver X is a worn-out musician whose career is dying.

“These are the last words of a dying horse you must be kidding let me go check my chopper maintenance session. You must be kidding aku never joke with a double-headed snake aku,” Mc Lomoexed reacted to Silver X’s post.

He added, “Some of us started music before you are born appearing late on the limelight should not make you underestimate my ability aku. I think these words are directed to Irene Toss not to me you must be kidding me yeah ustaz.”

Silver X also fired shots at Goundo Sakit hitmaker, John Frog.

“I have seen u record you are supper amazing but dnt be too excited instead you better find your self John Frog-Ta South Sudan and those other small small boys and girls with one Juba hits and School (Teach) them up because I will be ur coach,” Silver X said in a long social media post.