Holyland Music Empire boss, Silver X has finally broken his silence over the incident where he threw away the mic and stormed off stage at the Mask Restaurant’s first year Anniversary on August 1.

According to Silver he threw down the mic to protest the foreign DJ’s disrespect to South Sudanese music.

“I spoke on behalf of this industry nothing personal. Not all men are strong and courageous enough to speak on behalf of others but I do.” Parts of Silver’s statement posted on FB reads.

“Few haters narrowed my actions to Uganda and South Sudan just to incite hate among these sister nations. Yet my point was clear on specific “Dj Roja” who has been brought to Juba three times and deliberately refuses to play our Music.” He continued.

The popular musician went ahead to claim DJ Roja disrespects South Sudanese and had always deliberately refuse to play it whenever he is in the country.

“These are words I quoted from Dj Roja telling my manager “I can Not copy any south Sudanese music in my laptop cause there’s NO GOOD MUSIC in South Sudan. And that was why I did What i did to tell him we have an industry that MUST be respected.” He said.

City FM radio presenter Sweethurt Sambro who was the MC of the night said he was disgusted by Silver’s actions. He told HIJ that Silver showed disrespect to the invited guest DJ from Uganda.

“Silver said something good about DJs coming and not knowing music from South Sudan but he ended by throwing down the mic hence breaking it. Real bad behaviour. He was too furious coz his music wasn’t in the laptop.” He said.

Many Silver’s fans on Facebook supported his behaviour. Silver has However apologised for throwing the mic down but said he doesn’t regret what he did.

Comedian Data Gordon who also works as radio presenter at City FM also lauded Silver’s actions in a Facebook post which is now deleted. He said foreign Djs should also support South Sudanese music to accelerate the industry’s growth.

Read full Silver’s statement in the screenshot below:

screenshot by Silver X