The beef between two of South Sudan’s renowned contemporary artists seems to be subsiding with at least one of them publicly showing love for the other.

Mr. Lengs, the Headmaster aka The Hitmaker, has been feuding Silver X over alleged lyrical plagiarism for songs he claimed he made first.

At one point last month, Mr. Lengs who was outraged that Silver X was recording another song similar to his songs allegedly walked into a recording studio and punched Silver. He later boasted that he disciplined Silver.

However, yesterday things seems to have taken a back with Mr. Lengs publicly posting on his facebook page that he was going to attend Silver X’s Bamba Ta Deng Album Launch at Club Vegas.

“I am on my way to Vegas. Let’s turn up and support our brother silver x……one love southsudanmusic,” wrote Mr. Lengs.

The songs in question are the Kalam Dollar which was allegedly copied by Silver with his Dunia Karabu. The two songs speak about the worsening state of the economy verses the impact of the US dollars against the pounds.

The next songs are Juba Karabu by Mr. Lengs which was first released before Silver’s One Way (Times 10). The two songs reminisce on the days when Juba was friendly –without news of popular unknown gunmen.

Silver X on his part, while speaking to Romzie Sukuma on Eye Radio this morning confirmed that the beef is over. He made it sound like the act was a stalking-horse to uplift the music industry.