South Sudan’s popular singer Silver X is being hunted by South Sudan’s common Killer “unknown gunmen”. The singer posted on his facebook wall a conversation between him and a friend who informed him from Juba about the hunt. The unanimous source in Juba has asked the singer to relocate to Nairobi or Mombasa for his safety.
The singer said the hunt is from some armed Junubin gang with connections who felt pissed off by Silver’s song Belet Jiyan loosely translates as hungry country which was released in August 2016.
Read what he has posted below:

From a very close source from the inside and for those who think am looking for publication well am not that type of a An attists am too above that
#Beleive me
I have never gotten ma fame in any bad ways for all the years i have been in this music
#MaLife is in #Danger
The main reason iam closely told is because of the song
#Belet #Jiyan i released in august talking about hunger and the suffering of the poor citizens who have no where to go apart from that one country they have.
Judge me in ur own ways but believe me coz #IambeingHunted For that but i will not hide.
#God #Above #Hate
#HLME whatever is gonna happen to ma life in any form gunshoot, acident, attacks etc i just need the world not to be taken by suprise.