Clubbing is fun, but as you grow older, it takes its toll on you.

They say at the age of 21 you want to party hard, at the age of 26 you want to go clubbing and have a good time, but at the age of 32, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your best days are clearly behind you, but something keeps pulling you back into the party scene.

However, it’ll only take a short time for reality to hit you in the face like a ton of bricks telling you that you should probably not be in the club anymore.

So how do you know if you have gotten too old for the nightlife?
1. You only get excited when Rumba, Soul music or old school jams are being played.
If you are the type of guy that keeps thinking DJ Brownskin and some other Trap Music DJs are overrated because they don’t play Rumba music, you are too old to party. You know what you need to do? Go to a mid-life pub where fellow yabbat are then grab your beer and chill as you enjoy some Rumba music. No need to stress yourself.
2. You’d rather sit down all through than dance.
Your bones have taken a strain. You don’t wanna hurt them anymore. They’re precious. You’ve had enough trips to your doctor’s office already.
3. You have no idea what song is playing even when everybody seems to know it.
All the latest hits whizz past you like a wind. Fetty Wap? Who the hell is that? You only know Warren G and LL Cool J.
4. You had planned to stay all night, you left at midnight.
Many great nights start with elaborate plans to spend most of the night at the club. But then when you are just a few hours in, you start thinking of going back home. Face it man, you’re no longer able to spend 6-8 consecutive hours hanging out at a noisy place.
5. You think young girls nowadays are spoilt.

In your younger days, girls probably didn’t spend 5 hours bending over and dangling their booties to the sky. You wonder where they even get all that energy. You start talking shit about them, saying that they are devoid of morals. You also think that their clothes are too revealing, Yazol…….just go home.
6. Club lights make you sick.
When club lights give you seizures and you have to keep going to the washrooms to rest your eyes and relax a bit, then I am sorry to let you know that you are too old for the club scene.
7. Drink prices shock you.
A round of beers go for SSP 2K? You’d rather pay school fees for your kid with that money. What is wrong with the world? You keep asking yourself. You just don’t like how drinks are no longer as cheap as they were back in them days. Despite the need to remain in it, club life has become too complex for your liking.
8. None of your age mates are willing to tag along for your night plans.
When it reaches a point where your friends no longer want to join you on your crazy night plans, then it just shows they have grown up and you have not. Make a change before you alienate all the people that matter
9. You feel cold when you are at the club.
Despite all the high energy and sweatiness, you still feel cold whenever you go out. That’s a clear sign that you should be at home next to mara taki instead. Your glory days are over and you just have to accept that fact.

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