Normally, if you go through comedian Maduool’s FB timeline, all you could find are witty posts and funny comedy skits that make you forget all your sorrows for a minute, but it seems today the comedian was not doing what he does best. He was actually firing subliminal shots at singer Rhapsody who says is beefing him.

In a long Facebook post which he ended with his signature phrase, ‘Maduoooooool’, the comedian sarcastically referred to himself and Rhapsody as mosquito and fish. Question to who’s fish and who’s mosquito is what we are yet to find out.

“I have never seen or heard a mosquito beefing a fish. Why would an artist beef a comedian?” He asked.

Many industry actors like radio comedian Doggy Isaac were quick to urge Maduool and Rhapsody to resolve the matter through peaceful dialogue instead of taking things to FB.

Doggy in a comment suggested that singer MC Lumoex or Rhapsody’s manager, K2 should settle the matter between the two celebs. Rhapsody has however not responded to Maduool’s Facebook post yet, perhaps, no internet bundles.

Below is Maduool full fb post:

I have never seen or heard a mosquito beefing a fish. Why would an artist beef a comedian?
Straight talk:
If you have a problem with my brother, please don’t involve me! #Rhapsody, or who ever, i dont know if that’s a right spelling of your name, if you are beefing me because of this your conflict of United Kings thing, please spare me out! I have no idea of that it is all about, at all!!!! However, don’t involve that my young brother in THIS because you will only kill his career and dreams. Good luck, do your things I DO mine…… honesty is life!

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