Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Peter Mayen Majongdit on Wednesday couldn’t manage his anger when a businessman tried to take a car Mayen defaulted paying.

In a video seen by Hot in Juba, Mayen is seen being wilding trying to fight the businessmen who came to take the car minister failed to pay for after months of trying lying to the businessmen.

According to a document seen by Hot in Juba, the car dealer that sold the car to the minister got a court order to take back the cars but after getting to Mayen’s house in Tongping, Juba, the minister instead he wanted to fight them off.

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In a video shared widely on social media, Mayen is seen being violent like a wild dog and hurling insults at the car dealers who came to pick the car.

“He wanted to fight the deals even after the dealers obtained a court order to take back car, this angered the Minister and he started a fight but the dealers had to avoid him because they believe he was intoxicated,” source who was at the scene told HIJ.

According to a source who is aware of the contract, the minister allegedly borrowed five cars in his personal capacity from a Juba car dealer. He gave v6 Toyotta to his mother and keep the others cars to himself and his wife.

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Eight month later, the minister declined to make a total sum payment of $440,000 he owed the car dealers, saying the Ministry is the one to make the payment.

According to the source, the contract was concluded with the minister in his personal capacity and don’t includes the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.