Juba University girls have a popular saying within their circle: Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!

The saying, according to one, is a rallying call for campus chics to try all they want during their life as university students.

Just like many young people, the chics are out to experiment and make all the mistakes within their period in campus before getting out of college and face life with seriousness.

Here are seven things every Juba University girl has tried

1. Seven things that Juba University girls do

Cheating in exams is a must for many girls in Juba University. With tricks such as scribbling things on their yummy thighs, hands or hiding a printout close to their bust.

2. Skiving classes

This is what leads to thoughts of cheating in exams. Many are times when they have been taken to ‘weekend’ by their Nilepet lovers or business men targeting their young bodies. This means classes will be not attended.

3. Sleepover

No campus girl who has never gone for a sleepover at her bangmate’s house. If any claims they have never done, bring them to me and I will show you that the hookers in Sherikat are virgins.

4. The after pill

If there is one thing that gives a Juba University girl nightmare is missing her periods. To avoid the stress that comes with this, after a night of bedroom fireworks she will beg you to take her to Juba Clinic for the emergency pill. The most innocent campus girl chews like two dozens of P2 during her stay at the university.

5. Lecturer flirt

Lecturers always slip into the young girls DM as they seek to taste the juicy thighs. In return, they promise the girls academic grades to ensure she gets a First Class Honours.

6. Abortion

Eight out of 10 Juba University girls have had an abortion. They might deny this, but ask campus boys and you will know the truth. Campus girls fear pregnancy more than they fear HIV

7. Partying

All Juba University girls have been to a party, don’t take any other lie. They start with the Freshaz night, then birthday parties in some rented hotel in Juba and then they graduate to wild parties at Signature, The Nest and other high end club in town.

Here, they are spoilt with expensive drinks before they realize in the morning that they had unprotected sex and start sinking into stress!