A senior peace delegate has been kicked out from his hotel room in Juba for causing disturbance in the posh hotel earlier this week.

On Monday, security personnel stormed Dembesh Hotel to round up Peter Mayen.

Mayen, the member of the pre-transitional committee, is accused of hosting a married woman in his hotel room.

In a letter addressed to NPTC, which is responsible for the peace delegates, the management stresses that the incident caused panic among the clients, an incident bad for business.

The letter dated April 16 reads: “The management has decided that Honorable Peter Mayen’s presence in our hotel room is compromising our service delivery ethics.”

Mayen – who represents Other Political Parties in the NPTC – earlier confirmed the incident to media.

He said he was briefly detained that day on orders by the Inspector-General of the South Sudan Police Services.

“I was actually detained with an arrest order by a Lt. General and two lieutenant generals from police who came to my hotel and said that I was under detention,” he told the press.

However, he argues that he was just visited by his cousin accompanied by her friends.

“One of them is a cousin of mine that came with her friends and visited my place. “They [police] asked why I should allow a female into my apartment,” he added.