The National Oil and Gas Cooperation, Nilepet’s senior official has been arrested by joint security operation after the president gave the order to crack down on fuel in the black market.

The senior Nilepet manager, James Meth was arrested after a week of an investigation by the security officers and according to their findings, the getting of fuel to the black market is to be blame of Nilepet.

“It’s the senior Nilepet officials who are killing this country. they make a huge profit when they sell the fuel in the black market,” one security officer who preferred anonymity said.

It’s alleged by many even do junior staffs at Nilepet that so senior officials have made Nilepet their own private business.
“If you look at how this person makes profit by creating fuel scarcity in the country and in turn smuggle the fuel to the black market where they sell it at an absurd price,” junior staff at Nilepet said.

South Sudan suffers economic crisis due to the armed conflict and a big drop in the oil price. The nation depends heavily on oil revenues.