Nowaday Juba has become another thing, the kind of news and rumours circulating in and around Juba might give you a heart attack if you are a faint heart. The latest report rocking Juba like the sounds of ‘Rambo-looking’ SPLA soldiers guns, is a news of a senior government official who was arrested after a huge sum of American dollars were found hidden in a water tank at his residence in Juba.

A joint force of National Security, CID and police arrested a senior government official on Sunday in Thongpiny suburb of Juba after a huge sum of dollars was found hidden in a water tank at his residence in Juba.

The senior officer was arrested after a tip-off from an anonymous source tipped the police about the money that is being hidden in the tank. It’s is alleged that the money found in the water tank is worth more than 100K. ” We are

” We are surprised, how can a man hide this huge amount of money in a water tank,” asked a member of the joint operative.

The armed security official took the water tank containing the money to Police Station for further investigation.

The senior official whose name we can’t mention now because the case is still under authorities’ investigation is allegedly a senior Central Bank of South Sudan official. Over the past

Over the past years, there have been bizarre ways people have tried to keep or smuggle money out of Juba.  army general in 2009 tried to

An army general in 2009 tried to smuggle a huge sum of US dollars into Uganda disguised as a dead body in a coffin but was apprehended at Nimule border.