The controversial senior government official, Ambassador Gordan Buay who is the South Sudan’s Deputy Head of Mission to the USA is a ruthless politician who will do anything in the name of the government.
The Ambassador is threatening to leak Riek’s Wife, Angelina Teny sex tape if she doesn’t quit politics.

“I am now in a possession of a video sent to me by one of the secret boyfriends of the new Acting Chairman of Riek Machar’s organisation. The video clip is a bombshell that would destroy the world of Angelina Jany if it is released,” he posted on social media.

He gave Angelina two week to quits politics and rebellion or faces the wrath.

“Before releasing it to the public, I want to give Angelina Jany an opportunity to resign and retire from politics and rebellion completely within two weeks….If Angelina does not resign from rebellion within two weeks, I will release the video to the public. It is up to her whether she wants to be publicly humiliated or she should just disappear quietly,” he added.

The status received criticism from netizen asking him not to leak the allege video but Buay seems to be a man who can’t just be taken down by criticism.


Buay alleges that he has the sex tape which was sent to him by Angelina Teny’s secret lover. The countdown starts. Let’s see what unfolds.