The self-proclaimed ‘Prophet of the Lord’ Abraham Chol Maketh of Cush International says that he can cure and heal almost anything through special healing and deliverance located in Jebel Kujur.

Recently the church posted a picture of a woman with her baby who were allegedly cured of HIV/AIDS through the divine power of Prophet Chol.

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“Our God is a God of possibilities: Martha Yar and her son got healed from Hiv/Aids after prophet Abraham Chol Maketh prayed for them. Glory be to God!”, The church posted on social media.

Worshippers come from far and wide, includes senior government official. several worshippers claim to have been miraculously healed by the ‘Prophet of God’ for various ailment.

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Some sources, alleges that the “Prophet of God” can heal and deliver people from wide range of ailments, from STDs, deliverance from madness, bad luck, lost lover…the list is long”.

HIJ could not verify the alleged claims.

check out the screenshot.