At least four people including a woman have been arrested for practicing witchcraft in Juba’s Mauna Residential area.

They were arrested by joint operation forces while offering services which brings peace to their clients in three different places in Mauna block two and three residential areas.

Three of the suspects arrested were foreign nationals from Uganda and a South Sudanese woman.

They were caught with all their tools they used to induce clients including pots, goats’ skins and local made dolls as well as smoking pipe like devices and skulls of animals.

According to the joint operation forces, residents accused the suspects of causing insecurity, acquiring money by deception and collaborating with criminal gangs in residential areas as well as using magic to separate married couples.

They were also accused of encouraging prostitution in the area by using underage girls to practice commercial sex.

Speaking to journalists at the scene yesterday, Akok Noon Akok, Mauna Sector commander of joint operation forces said the captured tools will be burnt and the three foreign suspects will be deported back immediately.

Noon said Mauna residential area is a place where all sorts of crimes were found in Juba adding that they would collaborate with local leaders to crack down on them to ensure that Mauna area is safe.

“We are going to burn all their materials they use to bewitch and confuse people. Those criminals are foreigners and they will be sent back to their country. We are not against any foreigner but those ones are not doing good things and will be sent away,” Noon said.

He said those nabbed collaborate with criminals and “assured them with protection against any danger including bullets. We will tell them nothing will hurt them.”

Elizabeth Sarah, the Chairperson of Mauna Block Two Quarter Council, said women in her area were vulnerable to the deceitful ways of the witches. She added that they were being misused by the suspects that they would become wealthy or get husbands.

She commended the joint operation forces for arresting the suspects adding that Mauna residential area and people would now leave in peace.

“We are happy that these people have been arrested. We have been telling security to arrest these people long time ago but no one could arrest them. Our people will at least get peace,” Sarah said.