It’s now a general concession that Dinka women are the most beautiful in South Sudan and better wife materials.

With all these things taken into consideration, Dinka ladies are now every South Sudanese man’s fantasy.

This obsession is not about their physical charms but rather something so alien about them.

Once they slip into a man’s heart and capture it, they enslave him.

Here are secrets a Dinka woman will hide from you, the moment you get infatuated with her.

  • She will never reveal the exact number of men she has dated before

It’s needless to coax a Dinka woman to break the news to you about the number of men she has dated before.

The information is such a secret to her that none of her girlfriends knows it.

She will only whisper an eco-friendly number like three when actually it is in the tens.

  • She is aware of your sexual history

By the time a Dinka woman gives in to your intense desires, she could have dug for all your sexual histories.

She will dig deep into your social media accounts to find out who your exes are or women showing interest in you.

She will however never tell you about them.

  • She will stalk your exes on social media

To comfort her insecurities, a Dinka woman will be spying on your exes.

All of them will be on her daily checklists.

Not that she envies them, but she wants to be sure of their next moves on you.

She wants to know if you’re still in touch and if you naively post sweet comments on their walls.

If you’re in love with a Dinka woman, they are so jealous that you need to avoid such suicidal moves.

  • She is secretly comparing you with her best ex

Every one of us has that one ex with still unmatchable traits.

The one you cried a gallon of tears for but have no equal so far.

She will be comparing you to her best ex to gauge if you’ll complete her.

She will question your loyalty, commitment and even your performance.

To win her, you need to live for only her and create unforgettable memories with her.