A Veteran south Sudanese Radio Presenter Sebit William of Radio Miraya breakfast show has blasted Civil Society Alliances, calling them hypocrites.

Sebit William a critic and known of his controversial statements on both social media and his breakfast program at MirayaFm has labelled these Alliances as copy cats in there motion to levy their actions, hacking with envy and hurt on how irresponsible and irrelevance of some South Sudanese Civil Society Alliance backing trash on un under developed issues living out key public issues, for instance he was quoted on his official Facebook; ‘Find out who the leaders of the South Sudan youth Union and the South Sudan civil society Alliance are! Why these institutions are formed? Do your research and conclude whose interest they are representing. These two institutions should stop wasting Public money in organizing some unfruitful protest in the name of the Youth and civil society. If indeed they have the interest of the citizens at heart, why can’t they protest about the lack of services in the country? Why can’t they protest about the killing of innocent civilians by the so call”unknown gun Men” Why are they silent about the unbearable living conditions for the ordinary citizens after the devaluation? This is total hypocrisy and no sense South Sudanese should follow such nonsense.#@SebitWilliamKer’

He was mannered with and left questioning himself why Civil Society organisations in South Sudan often love protesting for unnecessary and non-monumental loads that are often negative to languish and target key issues; to the development of this Country, one close friend had him say ‘sincerely speaking we have problems man enough for these so called Societies to protest for, for instance the devaluation of local currency, price fluctuation and so many other aspects of view’

He is therefore calling for peace loving citizens to come out and demonstrate for such acts which has left many people with low living standards As stipulated in his latest Facebook post ‘I have confirmed with surprise that the central Bank has sold 10 million dollars at the rate of 30.5 SSP per dollar. We never learn anything right? In a week or two, The black market will be selling @40 to 50 SSP per dollar and then the market prices will…well u can finish and the then the citizens will …and then we will see more… I get my salary in dollars but trust this is ridiculously stupid. I think it’s time we go to the streets to peacefully protest. Where are the real civil society organizations?’

We are yet to see his move since the government has no tear gas instead of live bullets as stipulated by some official. Hoping you succeed in your plea.