If self-marketing is an art, then only one individual upcoming South Sudanese musician by the name SBizzy understands the concept. SB is a fast-rising Afro singer who has created a space for himself in this ever growing music industry.

When he first went public in South Sudan on Eye Radio, SBizzy was still singing together with Real Money Government (RMG) crew. But since going solo, SB has released tracks that have featured on the Top10 Music Countdown of Eye Radio and also on Top7@7 of City FM.

He first hit the airwaves with Beledna, followed by Junubi Dance. But Mafi Zol is the song that has kept him on top of the charts for long for people to notice him. SB recently said he was able to do this with persistence and commitment to improvement, and by believing in Jesus as his swag; a phrase he coined.

The popularity of “Mafi Zol” enabled him to shoot his first solo video in Kampala, Uganda. The video which HIJ has watched begins with a shot of a barefooted SB dragging a horse carrying one Junubi chic, who happens to be Miss South Sudan-Uganda. The interesting bit about the video is the fact that SB didn’t focus on glamour and artificial settings to hype the video.

He kept it simple and relevant. Now, most of Junubi artists release videos and that’s about it. The CD gets scratches in the living room or only gets played in some famous clubs. But SBizzy was not about to go the same way. From the shooting of the video to its release, he kept his fans upbeat through Facebook.

He single-handedly moved around Kampala issuing the CDs to any South Sudanese he could get for a “No Price Tag.” He took any amount of mula offered to him. And within a week, he made a record by being the first Junubi to sale over 100 copies of his CDs.

His speed in marketing himself and the ability to make the video look good before you watch it enabled him to sale even more 100 CDs in the weeks that followed. He targeted universities, clubs, shopping centers and hangout joints with South Sudanese.

In the same week, some CDs reached Juba. SBizzy has been able to get some kickback from his talent without relying on anyone to do it for him; lesson Junubin artists should learn: Never over rely on someone to make it happen for you