At any Junubin music concert where ever South Sudanese live around the globe it is common you would find upcoming or even famous artists flocking backstage with CDs begging for chances to voluntarily perform, they don’t ask to be paid but rather prefer to entertain audience free of charge.

Is it that we are used to self exploitation or what? Anyway that’s not my business so let’s cut a long story short. Last week at a concert of visiting Nairobi based Junubi artist in Kampala, a handful of Kampala heavyweight Junubin artists were denied performance. We are told Eye Radio Music Awards winners SB also known as SBizzy and Ghetto survivors headboy in Kampala Twice B were among those refused performance on orders of Natty P and his crew.

Our source in Natty’s camp tells us that their shows are always on schedule and programed with time so allowing other artists out of the program to perform would have disorganised the show and unnecessarily prolong the hours of show.