A good samaritan has bought ten tickets for Dynamq’s ‘Jere Jere Concert to be given for free to disadvantaged South Sudanese in Juba, so that they can attend the concert slated for 29th and 30th of September 2017 at Secret corner welcome party and Timra Talata Basketball Stadium.

The  South Sudanese Samaritan, Margaret Ihiju bought the tickets while in the United State of America from Rock Stars Promotion which is organising the concert.

“She bought 50 tickets for people (disadvantaged) who will not afford the entrance fee to attend the Jere Jere Peace Concert slated for 29th and 30th Sept,” Rock Stars Promotion Co. posted on its social media page.

The promotion company will distribute 40 tickets to orphans at Juba orphanage and the remaining ten tickets will be widows and other disadvantaged groups of people.

“On behalf of the management, we shall give 40 Tickets to an orphanage(Children born out of conflict) to have a chance and have fun with the rest of the people during the Dynamq show. The remaining 10 tickets shall be given on air to Widdows, the lame, and any other disadvantage group that has not been recognised,” Promoter Sam, the CEO of Rock Stars Promotion Co. said.

We, at Hot in Juba, would like to appreciate and thanks, Margaret for her generous humanly contribution to South Sudan music industry.