President Salva Kiir has barred his arch-rival rebel chief Riek Machar from returning to the country to participate in the national dialogue.

Addressing the official launch of the national dialogue at Freedom Hall in the capital, Juba,ir said: “Everybody is welcome to participate in the national dialogue except Riek Machar, because if he comes he will cause another war in Juba”.

The South Sudanese leader pointed out that the opposition leader would only take part in the dialogue through people he would delegate to represent him in the dialogue process.

“If he (Machar) has a delegation, the people he trust, let him appoint them to come to Juba and we guarantee their safely,” Kiir said.

Kiir also declared a unilateral ceasefire with rebels as part of his bid to bring an end to the ongoing civil war in the country. He ordered the security agencies to create an atmosphere for national dialogue.

Angelo Beda, a co-chair of the national dialogue process, called for an inclusive dialogue, while urging the current government to provide a conducive environment for the process.

“National dialogue is the same as the referendum. We are calling our people as said my senior colleague Abel Alier, we are going to establish a forum in Juba and invite all the stakeholders to all including those who left the country to the opposition,” said Bada.

via RT