South Sudanese students in Zimbabwe have called out Minister of Finance, Salvatore Garang to release the fund allocated for them by the council of ministers.

The students are asking the minister to release $1.4 million dollar which the president approves in January 2019.

South Sudan student in Zimbabwe president, Moses Kat on his social media account account appealed to the minister to implement the president directives.

This what he wrote on his social media account:

Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit! You are not being fair and realistic toward national agendas and development. You are an enemy of progress, with due respect and honor, you lack implementation policies. This year on 5th, January of 2019, the Council of Ministers chaired by H.E Gen. President Kiir Mayardit passed a resolution of $1.4m to clear the outstanding arrears of students studying in the diaspora under(Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Morocco, Botswana and Egypt) government scholarship. Currently, you have not issued the payment of the funds. Three weeks ago, the South Sudanese Students under government scholarship in Zimbabwe occupied the embassy in Harare due to unpaid arrears of $1.4m. You were again instructed by the Council of Ministers three weeks ago to clear the arrears, however, you chose not to comply. At the movement, our students are sleeping on the floors in this cold climate condition at our Embassy in Harare, they dont have food to eat and their situation is devastating. 79 of us out of 137 students have completed their studies, but they have been denied their transcripts , certificates and graduation due to unpaid amount. Let me be honest to you, should anything happen to students dear Hon. Minister!.You will be held responsible and accountable for, because we have learnt that you are the barrier, not the government. Our government have played their duty by approving the payment. You are failing us, as the future generation of this country and also the government. I am still wondering if your son or daughter was among the students on scholarship, would you have hesitate to release the funds?. It very infortunate that the president tries to build this country but some of you as leaders have their own personal interest. I thought that the pillars of a strong nation lies in ‘STEM’, which is; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic. Which can only be obtain through Higher Institutions of Learning and Research. Practically we have been trying to do that, as students in Higher Instutions , with the vision and mission to transform South Sudan through innovation, research, industrialization and commercializations. Our country is facing a high inflation rate of approximately 200% percent, simply because we are not producing. We dont have functional industries , we import even basic commodities which can be manufacture locally,since we have the raw materials. The only way for the government to build South Sudan is by investing in Higher(STEM) Education. By so doing that we can build industries, produce enough food for our people, build roads, schools,hospitals and security. Back to Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit again! The whole country is complaining about you dear Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, from citizens, Mps, Our diplomatic missions, students and Civil servants. Former Minister of Finance Hon. Stephen Dhuei is said to be much better than you 100 times, please do some reforms and have the heart to serve the country not yourself. We are requesting you to immediately release our funds that was approved by the Council of Ministers. If the Head of State President Kiir, Mps, and the council of ministers can understand our situation as students , who are you to defy their orders?? May God bless our country and let us all continue to embrace peace and unity among ourselves. Best regards Kat. M. Mosety (President of South Sudanese Students Union in Zimbabwe)