South Sudanese on social media on Thursday reacted negatively to the newly released number plates for the 32 state and Abyei.

Majority expressed their dislike and criticised the new initiative by the South Sudan National Police describing the move as unwise and illogical.The reactions, which flooded social media included hilarious posts, which associated the number plate to being another money-stealing scheme. Some also mention that them number will divide Junubin instead of unifying them.

Here are some comment from South Sudanese netizen online.

Khoi-Khoi Jena’mama Darlington Dave  wrote: This is juz ways of getting money out of Citizen’s pocket by force. How can a nation keep changing plate number every year anyway? Am starting to hate this Country kalaz zatu.

Walan Taitai  wrote: People shld resist these new plates, it is absolute crap. I think public participation is needed when some decisions are to be made. Technocrats can’t be making decisions for us, every now and then.
What happened to the recently unified plates(SSD)?

Emmanuel Ezibon wrote: Isn’t it the 7th time changing the number plates in South Sudan? Every decision taken is worse. SSD would be for the whole South Sudan and now again states number plate?

Jagei Gatluak Nhial  wrote: It’s not number plate….
Its segregation, target and assasination plates.
What a uncivilized and divisive leaders.