A man claiming to be president Salva Kiir son was allegedly given more than $50,000 by the presidency this year.
According to our source a man who used to be musician and goes by the name King WS travelled from Australia two years ago to Kenya and South Sudan where he was scheduled to stage performances. The shows couldn’t happen after the man got broke. He was left stranded between Nairobi and Juba as he looks for ticket to take him back to Australia. Things went from bad to worst in Juba for Anei Angok as he was previously known.
“He was not working but lived off his friends. He was totally broke and devastated,” a source close to Anei Angok as he was previously known told Hot in Juba.
Our source tells us that Anei Angok has a physical resemblance to the president and this where the idea of using his looks for benefit came about.
“He looks exactly like president Salva Kiir, he has beard like president, this is when one of his close friends came up with a scheme of claiming to be Kiir’s son,” the source revealed.
With help of a senior official in the office of the president Anei’s grand scheme reached president Kiir and a hefty amount of money said to be around 50,000USD was released by the presidency to support a supposed son of President.
We are told he never met the president personally. In the scheme it was claimed Anei Angok was the only son of Kiir from his mother after an encounter in 80s which resulted to Anei’s birth. His mother got married to another man from Tonj.
After he was handed the money Anei tried to invest some of the money as advised by friends. He opened a bar Munuki.
He is now a regular patron of Juba’s most famous clubs. He stays in a hotel and moves with finest Juba groupies. The gentleman has since changed his name to Mayar Abudigin and living his life like a superstar.