Early this month South Sudanese social media users were angered by an alleged statement associated to a visiting Uganda DJ to Juba.
Popular Ugandan DJ named DJ Roja was alleged to have said “I can not copy any south Sudanese music in my laptop cause there’s NO GOOD MUSIC in South Sudan”.

As previously reported by Hot in Juba, the statement triggered protest from the industry’s heavy weight Silver X, who threw away the mic at the event where DJ Roja was deejaying in Juba.

Now more South Sudanese artists have weighed in and gave their opinions on the matter. Most of musicians defended Silver’s action and applauded him for the bold move. Some went as far threatening the DJ with violence.

Read below the comments by musicians:

Dynamq said: Next time he comes to Juba I will personally fly there to look for the promoter who keeps booking him. I am tired of South Sudanese being used as puppets on a strings. Big respects to my little bro silver X, I would have poured my redbull on that dj’s laptop. I want to look for that DJ & slap him with afew LYRICS. #Mojunun

Dynamq continues: It’s not only those DJ’s who disrespect South Sudanese, Even here in the United States its the same but they never try that with me, I deal with them very wicked. I have been preaching about South Sudanese Music to even our own DJ’s they thought I was out of my mind. I told them the day you will go to a Nigerian Party & hear South Sudanese Music thats when I will say the game is fair, But for now, We are being used left to right like fools because its South Sudanese attending all those Nigerian & Ugandan artists shows abroad. #Sad I AM TIRED OF THE DISRESPECT.

Comedian Koryom said: Good move! I wish all the celebs in Juba should realize their mistakes and do exactly what ‘ustaz da Dunia’ did…. that’s to apologize to his fans! Thanks Silver X

Mclumoex said: SS music might not mean anything to our foreign brothers but every single ss music has great meaning to us. if we talk of ss music play all the nice songs not one specific artist songs. one love

Radio presenter Lakoya Heavens said: Thnx for being a voice for the voiceless. This has been going on for quite a while and if they play any, it’s always late in the night. But breaking the mic, was a bad act though. I guess it was anger. Otherwise Big ups

Adaway said: Silver X is right and I still wonder what is the reason for them going for Foreign DJs yet we got our own in the City who do they want to promote them ?? Charity begins at home if we don’t support our Own home DJs then we will never move Big ups to Silver X.