According to a recent report by Gallup Happiness Index, the happiest people in Africa are Rwandan. They are the most likely in the Africa to experience a lot of positive emotions on a daily basis, according to the survey done by Gallup’s Positive Experience Index.

Latin America topped the list making up the entire top ten of Gallup’s 2015 Happiness Index while countries such as Tunisia and Sudan led from the bottom.

South Sudan was missing from the bottom 10 list less by a point or two according to the report.

“Perhaps the most surprising finding from the countries in the world with the fewest people reporting positive emotions is that a place such as war-torn Afghanistan still has majorities of people saying that they smiled or laughed a lot the day before the interview — perhaps testimony of the resiliency of the human spirit. Conflict-ridden South Sudan and Ukraine and Ebola-stricken Liberia were one to two points from being on this undistinguished bottom 10 list.” States Gallup’s Positive Experience Index.