Members of the Ruweng community in oil-rich Pariang County in Ruweng State have decried the pollution of natural water bodies and the environment by the oil drilling companies in the state.

They accused oil drilling companies of carrying out improper cleanup and control of oil spillage in the county.

Mr. Nyok Mabil, a son of Ruweng State who went to the scene of the pollutions and collected evidence on behalf of the community, shared the photos on social media, showcasing that the crude oil which leaked had adversely affected aquatic life, cattle and people in the state.

He called on the oil firm and the national government to urgently initiate the cleanup of the spillage, adding that it the source of drinking water for the residents and their means of livelihood is being affected.

Allegedly people are dying and babies being born with strange deformities which the residents attribute to oil pollution in the state.