Singer Rover D of Akoniya hit song was allegedly beaten last weekend at the mask by the alleged imposter son of president Salva Kiir Anei Angok aka Mayar Abudigin. The singer couldn’t clearly explain why he was attacked by Anei and his entourage members only saying he never had a problem with them.
He claimed he was attacked by several men on Anei’s orders only to be rescued by DJ Bossmaan MG who was hosting an event at Mask Bar.
“I have been beaten up by the son of president Mayar Abudegin. Only Bossman MG who rescued me. The problem wasn’t told and they are still looking for me,” the Akoniya hitmaker explained to HIJ.
In a related development, the singer said Mayar who is also known as Anei Angok ordered his expulsion at Juba University’s Staff Club during the Bossmaan Weekend party on Friday night.
“I’m not safe. Mayar is still after me, he told two policemen to throw me out of Staff Club on Friday night but Bossmaan Sound Systems couldn’t agree,” he said.