Are you a fan of Hard Life Avenue Starz, Silver X and the other artists, managed by Rock Star Records and Promotions, then you are set to miss their performance during this festive season. This is because days after their CEO Promoter Sam was robbed at Mask Bar and Bistro, he has issued a statement suspending all shows for 2016.
In a statement from the Promotions Company seen by Hot in Juba, he said “I came with this decision after accessing the situation at which I was robbed in the process. It’s difficult especially for the artists but certain things go beyond us”.

He added that they love to work in an environment where when you go out party you should be able to go back home without fear other than being forced to stay in the club the whole night until day break.
“We take the security of our fans very serious and we do not intend to risk their lives/properties in the hands of the unknown”, he said.

He concluded that they will always offer the best, shall continue to provide the best  for their fans before acknowledging that they are for  peace and will always provide the best in a peaceful environment not in a situation where one has to think twice before stepping out.