Riek Machar has forwarded a position paper on security arrangements and governance to IGAD ahead of the HLRF peace process which begins on the 5th of February.

Riek wrote to Ismail Wais stating that his faction of IO wants (in summary):

(1) Annulment of 32 states

(2) Pre-transitional period of 3 months and a transitional period of 27 months.

(3) Post of First Vice President. The post of Vice President is NOT to be confirmed by the parliament.

(4) Power sharing arrangement of 42% (government): 42% (his faction): 16% (other political parties).

(5) Bicameral states legislatures.

(6) UNMISS and RPF to take over the entire security of the country and “ensure territorial integrity of the country for a period of 18 months of the Transitional Period”.

(7) Creation of new National army to be called “National Defence Forces of South Sudan (NDFSS) within 18 months.

Via  The National Courier