Exiled rebel leader, Riek Machar has appointed rebel army commander Johnson Oluny the new governor for Fashado State relieving Major General Jokino Fidel in his new reshuffle.

Machar announced the appointments in a letter on Thursday, July 27th.

“Pursuant to the resolution of the SPLM-IO Political Bureau September 23, 2016, I Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, Chairman and Commander-In-Chief, SPLM/SPLA (IO) do hereby relief the following governors from their perspective gubernatorial positions with effect from with  27 July 2017. They are:

1.Lt. Gen Ruai Kuol Jal Unity State
2. Lt. Gen. Koang Gatkuoth Kerjok – Bieh State
3. Lt. Gen Sadam Chayuot Manyang Adar State
4. Major Gen. Jokino Fidel Nyikayo – Fashoda State
5. Brigadier general Dhaya Ahmed Faraheldor – Raja State,” reads Machar’s letter.

In a separate letter, Machar appointed a number of military governors:

1. Lt General Johnson Ulony Thabu – Fashoda State
2. Major general Salah Momogi Mameri Koni – Raja State
3. Brigadier General Koang Rambang Chol -Bieh State
4. Brigadier General Tor Tungwar Kueigong – Liech State
5. Brigadier General Nhial Nyal Ding – Adar State

The rebel leader who has been making shadow appointments since he started the rebellion in 2013 said the exercise was a normal procedure done after recommendations from the grass-root.