The Economic Crisis Management Committee has reported increase in the revenue collection from last month as a result of their work.

The committee said about 9 million dollars and 2.5 billion SSP have been collected in the month of October alone compared to the previous months where collection was at least 5 million USD and 1.4 billion SSP respectively.

“The collection has improved compared to other time, by the month of October alone, the Revenue Authority managed to collect up to 9 million dollars and it used to be 4 to 5 million USD  and Pounds used to be 1.5 billion has gone to 2.5 billion. So it is a great progress, it means that there is a great improvement,” Adigo Onyoti Nyikwec, Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries and Member of the Economic Crisis Management Committee revealed to SSBC over the weekend.

He however decries lack of implementation of the committee recommendations, asserting that absence of accountability continues to hamper efforts to recover the depreciation of economy.

“Things would have improved a lot if there is accountability, we recommended some people to be suspended but up to now nothing happened to them,” he said.

In August, the Economic Crisis Management Committee recommended to the President the removal of the Director-General of Customs Service, Major General Akol Ayii after his juniors accused him of corruption.

The committee also discovered that $3.1 million were missing at the Directorate of Nationalities Passport and Immigration.

Equally, the Traffic police headquarters was implicated in the mismanagement of funds collected through the issuance of licenses, number plates and logbooks. All these nothing has been done as accountability required by law in the Country.

via JM