If you are a staunch supporter of South Sudanese music from the early days of 2010, then you might be familiar with name Taliz Q.

At the early stages of this budding South Sudanese music industry singer Akilor Taliz better known as Taliz Q to her music fans was an household name. She was featured in Mr. Lengs’ smash hit “Rija Wara” which was on every body’s ringtone, every radio station was playing it, every dude dumbed by his wife would use the song to get back the wife.

But soon after the song’s became old the singers behind the song were expected to release more hits but only Mr. Lengs could manage to continue recording hits without his collaborator Taliz Q. Nothing was heard from her until she resurfaced in 2014 in an all-star song for peace produced at Asylum Records.

HIJ traced Taliz Q who has now moved to Uganda after quiting secular music for gospel.

In an interview with HIJ, the singer who was romantically linked to Mr. Lengs says she has not given up music but has instead changed the type of music after she became born again in Christ.

“Am still doin music but to a different audience-church. I saw a need to sing to my God too. Coz He is de only person who can stay with us even if we die,” she told us.

The singer says she is now an active member of a Seventh-day Adventist church in Kampala, Uganda. She is in the praise choir of the church.
The mother of one says she doesn’t plan to go back to secular music since she is happy with her current new life. She however said she writes secular music for those who need help.