If who have ever been close to Former Coozoz Clan member, Kool Bush then you would have noticed he has tattoos inked on most part of his body and now regrets getting tattooed.

He took to social media to vent his regrets for tattooing his body.

“The first time I got the backfire of tattooing was early in 2011 when British Airways posted a cadet programme, I was interested in their programme and decided to fill up their application form when I came across question if I ever or had a tattoo on my body? As honest as I am I acknowledge that I got 3, to be frank, I didn’t see the next page because I was disqualified automatically because of their Uniform Rules…Early in 2013 I wanted to join SPLA airforce and I had all my credentials documentations and as the ‘top man’ in Airforce was looking into my papers one of his junior staff humiliated me after he saw my tattoos, ” indu tattoos fi jisum” that I got tattoos on my body and as I am ‘no nonsense guy’ i told him in his face, what’s wrong with that even mighty US army got tattoos on their bodies and u can guess what happens next, but now watch this I am in the US and apparently US army have a programme that recruits non-immigrants that have legally been in the US for the past 2 years to join the Army, as I was doing the interview and filling the forms again I came to part of tattoo”, he narrates on social media.

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He has finally opted for expensive laser removal of tattoos.
“I am forced to spent couple thousands of dollars to remove these tattoos”, he states.

The musician advice all the youth to shun away from ever getting tattooed and asked them to learn from his experience as a tattoo might limit their opportunities to better things in life.