Wounder’s Studio CEO and  musician, Cash Dee was recently rounded up by soldiers and beaten mercilessly after they mistook him for a fellow musician with dreadlocks, Arabi Mafi hitmaker, A-Boy.

According to the musician, he was dropping some fellow artist off from the club when two landcruiser packed with mean looking soldiers stopped their car, forced them out and mercilessly started pouring kicks and beating on the musician.

“I was dropping some artist at Asylum Records, after reaching, I parked the car but and before I got out the car was already surrounded by soldiers.I was put at gun point than they removed me n started beating me & other guys that wea with me in de car without investigation… they wea shooting bullets down n than put us in “talaja” (landcrusier) wea I was not breathing well,our phones n money were taken”, he narrates to HIJ.

He was briefly detained at National Security premises at Riverside and released after   investigation by the security officers, who told him (cash Dee) that they thought he was A-boy who is wanted.

“It’s like A-boy was involved in stealing of a car from SPLA headquarters so they wea looking 4 him but they dont know him physically but they were told that he has dreadlocks and is a musician…. we reached at the National Security House at River Side, they (security officers) realised than I was not A-boy so I was told to go home just like that…I left more than 18 people arrested including A-boy’s sisters n brothers”, he said.

Cash Dee after being beaten by Soldiers

Cash Dee after being beaten by Soldiers