Top Eye Radio presenter Heavens Lokoya last week bit her fans bye in a long Facebook post but failed to explain why she left one of the country’s top radio stations.

It has now emerged that the presenter was sacked by the station’s CEO Stephen Omiri over a brawl with a colleague. According to sources close to the presenter, she was involved in a fist fight with another presenter named Tatiana Triny.

“Tatiana had tried to tell Heavens about a dirt on her trousers…but she ignored. That was during a food line at the Eye Radio canteen. Heavens was ahead of line” a source explained.

“Afterwards, when Tatiana was leaving the canteen, she passed by Heavens’ table and said ‘I was just trying to tell you about ‘wasaka’ on your clothes’. but Heavens still ignored her. But seconds later, Heavens followed her outside where the scuffle took place. She dipped her nails on Tatiana’s neck, bruising it. When asked, Heavens said when leaving the canteen, Tatiana said ‘wewe’. and that’s why she attacked her” the source continued.

“Fighting is prohibited in the Eye Radio constitution, it results in expulsion. No negotiations” our source a close friend to Heavens told HIJ.



A source told HIJ that Tatiana who started at working at the station as Arabic news translator and presenter in April this year was also fired.